1960s – 2000s.

Premium vintage hardback books mainly covered in cloth. These tend to be slightly taller and heavier than other vintage books 20-25 cm height. Great for filling a modern interior without too much uniformity and wanting a high quality look without the price tag

Founded in London in 1947, The Folio Society set off to create beautiful and timeless book covers to match each literary work. They stand to be, “Outstanding literary content and physical form”. As each book is a work of fine crafted, high quality art beauty is seen at every angle: spine, cover and pages.

Each book contains slip case boxes to ensure that the books endure time.

Books are both non-fiction and fiction titles. Authors include Louisa May Alcott, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, Ian Fleming, JRR Tolkien, and Shakespeare to name a few. Subjects include Art, Mythology, Travel, Biography and Memoir, Food,Gardening, History and Philosophy.

Books vary according to stock. Some will have gilding pages, hand-marbling, tipping illustrations, or raised bands. You will have the option to approve the books before dispatch. Please contact us soon after purchase to let us know you wish to do so, stating any colors or specific date ranges. If not, a beautiful but random selection will be made on your behalf.

One set is approximately 10-11 books per foot.

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