Leather Books for Interior Decorating

Leather Books Are A Great Tool For The Savvy Interior Decorator

As an interior designer, you may have a number of ideas to express your creativity. These ideas perhaps run like a reel in your mind whenever you get a new project. From paint colors to artifacts, furniture to indoor plants, interior decoration options and styles are unlimited.
Amongst all of the decoration options, research has shown that the vintage style stands as the most popular look. One can say that the popularity of this style is due to its volatility. A vintage style can lend a sense of sophistication while also being easy and laid back. Depending on what items are used and paired together, vintage can be blended old world, retro or new. One such item to showcase vintage style are leather books. Regardless of whether they are old or newly bound leather books, they will seamlessly blend into your home’s interiors. The leather books can be placed on shelves, tables, chairs or scattered about – virtually anywhere!
Other such reasons for using leather books for decor are:

Leather has always been a part of human life
The human culture has been using leather for centuries now. From clothing to warming homes, the hides of animals has been an integral part of people’s day to day lives. Leather is one of the few materials we humans are wired to recognise. This recognition is important because, innately humans gravitate towards what they know. Familiar items create a sense of comfort and enables relaxation – two things which are desirable in a home. It is this familiarity of leather that creates enthusiasm when leather is used in interior decoration. An interesting fact about leather books and familiarity is their ability to tease your olfactory sense. The earthy smell of leather coupled with the scent of pages that’s reminiscent of vanilla can act as a trigger for comfort. Have a set of leather books by the foot in your home to trigger these feelings.

Leather books soften contemporary designs
Leather fuses ancient and traditional design elements with modern and contemporary themes to enhance present-day home interiors. Leather is often associated with class and luxury, but it can also add a timeless appeal to any interior, softening it to catch the attention of the viewer. It is for this reason that leather books often bring class to high end commercial offices and also why they work with Victorian cottages and stone castles. In the past, leather books by the foot were common to see.

Leather books are versatile
Irrespective of the kind of interior design you have, whether vintage and rustic or contemporary and innovative, leather books can blend beautifully into it. Leather books, both real and faux, come in a variety of shapes, colors, and forms, which makes them a versatile option for about any interior décor theme.
You can pair these books with wooden countertops or shelves, wall coverings, floor tiles, or furniture to create a vibrant and classy space at home. If you have leather lounge chairs, dining chairs, or beds, leather books can help interior decorators to go beyond the masculine aesthetic. It’s an excellent material to play with if you wish to blend the traditional and the modern in your interior décor. In this case, leather books by the foot are not needed but only a handful at a time can be used.

Besides the reasons mentioned above, leather books are also suitable for interior design because they require very little maintenance. You can clean them with a cloth when they become dusty or dirty. So make sure you consider leather books for your next interior decoration project.

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