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How To Use Retro Book Jackets To Revamping Your Décor

Decorating the interior of a home or commercial space can be a creative challenge. If you are an interior decorator, you would understand this because some clients have very exacting project specifications. There are actually a number of design options to explore, but the retro look continues to hold relevance even today in the realm of interior decoration.

Talking about incorporating a retro style, there’s one prop that can lend a distinct sense of elegance to the setting—retro book jackets. Decorating living spaces with books by the food is not uncommon, but retro book jackets can uniquely embellish the overall décor. What makes retro books fun is that they scream their era. Retro books elicit a time of fun and funky.

A brief history of retro jacket book covers:

Ever since books were published, the jacket (also known as dust jacket) has been around also. The jacket serves the purpose of protecting the book from corrosive effects. These book covers later become an advertising medium and were used to adorn bookshelves.

During the late 1920s and early 1930s, book jacket illustrations gave vivid descriptions of the book’s content, and mingled realistically with contemporary handwriting. These book covers were appealing enough to the readers, who got attracted and hooked on to the book. They could truly judge a book by its cover. It was the purpose of the book jacket to convey the essence of the book while leaving a bit of mystery for the reader. In the 1960s book jacket illustrations gave way to the birth of graphic design. Font, illustrations, and concepts started during this period.

Today, these book covers adorn bookshelves of not only the classic-loving homeowner, but also of hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops, where reading is considered a form of leisure. Not to forget, these have become the go-to option for timeless interior decorators, who can explore their creativity by playing with the vintage look.

Incorporating retro book jackets in your space for décor

Revamping your living space with retro book jackets is simpler than most designers think. While many simply place them on a book wall or instant library, there are many other ideas. Here are a few ways you can blend them into your design plan:

The vintage book arch
You can get a book arch, made of either wood or steel, and stack up the retro book by the foot on it. You can place a small flower vase or a candle as a center piece. It’s surely going to be the icing on the cake.

The stylish headboard of books
Looking for personalised ways to create a headboard? You can collect retro books by the foot and nail them onto the headboard’s plywood. You can add an effect by leaving the top pages of the books loose. You can fix them with a double-sided tape, giving a look as if the pages are on the verge of flipping.

Books as framed art
Find a front cover that matches your interior and place it in a frame. Simply rip off the front cover and place it in a picture frame. Create a collage book wall or intersperse them throughout your library.

The colorful vibe
Last but not the least, you can add some color to the living space with retro books. You can choose colors like mint, pale pink, caramel, grey, navy, and burnt orange to give your book wall or custom library a striking appeal. The best part: it’s one of the most inexpensive ways to conjure up the retro vibe needing as little books by the foot as necessary.

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