Vintage Penguin Books Transform Interior Spaces

Vintage Penguin books by the foot for the interior decorator and stylist
The Penguin Publishing Group has created a legacy of readership by publishing prolific storytellers, great writers, and eminent books. The publishing group, however, is known for designing appealing book covers, which not only inspire readers to treasure them but also showcase them as jewels for decoration.
Vintage Penguin Books have graced the bookshelves of the households of avid readers owing to their awe-inspiring designs. Before we dive into why these books are great elements for interior decoration, let’s check out the physical specifications of these books.
Penguin classics by George Orwell, James Joyce, Gerald Durrell or any publication from the company’s kitty have a uniform binding and size. It is due to their uniformity that placing them together by the foot looks amazingly attractive. The authors and genres of vintage books from the publication house vary from traditional to contemporary. Although, they have been around for over six decades, their firm bindings keep them in a readable condition without subjecting them to too much shelf wear.
You should consider putting some vintage Penguin books on your shelves. Here’s how they can enhance the appeal of your space:

Vintage Penguin Books lend a retro look to your interiors
Whether on top of a bookshelf in the living room, a coffee table, or a table-top that you are considering for keeping your collection of vintage Penguin books, you can’t escape the retro appeal that these books lend to the entire space. If you wish to revive the style from the 50s and 60s consider placing them on a well varnished piece of wood or vinyl top. Another idea is to showcase the front of the covers and arrange them into picture frames. Decor Books has vintage Penguin Books for sale by the foot according to their front cover illustrations to create framed ephemera. Regardless of how you do it, retro is always in style.

Vintage Penguin Books are great splashes of color
The books come in an assortment of rainbow colors. Although orange is their traditional color, red, yellow, and blue are making their way into the hearts of collectors and stylists. Colors are well known to evoke certain emotions. Reds bring out fiery emotions of passion, while blues are known to have a calming effect. Yellows are great for focus and a boosting energy. Placing vintage Penguin Books by the foot in a color block is a great way to add brightness while influencing emotions!

Vintage Penguin Books inspire a connection
For readers, the classics have always been the first choice. Adorning your bookshelves in your living room ushers in a riot of emotions, especially that of nostalgia, in your guests who have perhaps grown up reading them. Vintage books from Penguin create the necessary sentimental impact on viewers and pulls them towards your bookshelf or coffee table. Add them to your library or book wall and your guests will always find something to read.

Vintage Penguin Books are an epitome of originality and beauty
Vintage Penguin books have a peerless beauty that not many publishing houses have been able to incorporate in their book cover designs. They exude a distinct sense of originality, which sets these books apart from the rest. Although high minimalistic, vintage classics from Penguin can be beautiful additions to an already existing simplistic inner décor. 

We tend to snap to judgments the moment something strikes our eyes. Vintage Penguin books, too, inspire this judgment in the viewer, but certainly in a much impactful way. These book covers can trigger the imagination of the viewer and perhaps kindle new passions. They can add a distinct touch of sophistication to your interiors, just enough to get your guests drooling. Try it out yourself.

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