Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Minimum/Maximum order?

Luckily, at Decor Books, there is no minimum order! Although we sell books by the foot or books by the metre we are more than happy to supply you with just want a handful of books. Simply contact us and let us know how many or how little books you need. Once you contact us, we will price your order accordingly and reasonably. Just as there is no minimum order, there is no such maximum order constraints. As such, we can supply books by the ton or books by the pallet if necessary. Please keep in mind that at such large orders, approving each book will not be an option.

How do I approve the books by the foot order?

First, you have chosen if you want to order from the set price range or have a special request made. Once this is decided, then we will select the needed books for you. When all of the books have been selected then we will send you a high quality image via email for you to make any changes you see fit.

What are the condition of the books?

Although we deal with large orders of books by the foot or books by the metre or yard, we pay special detail to each and every book. Each of the books are quality and condition checked several times. Once when we receive them from the suppliers, again before despatch to you, and one last time by yourselves through photograph (if requested). We check for loose pages, firm binding and general condition.

Can I order a specific length?

Ordering a specific length of books is not a problem. Although most individuals request books by the foot or metre, we acknowledge that spaces are not always exact. If you give us your measurements for the space you need to fill and select the book type you want, for example if you wanted the Retro Books which are $79.90 per foot and you needed 1.5 foot of books would be 1.5 x $79.90 = $119.85.

Do I get a discount for bulk orders?

Discounts are at the discretion of Décor Books and we do not have set discounts for quantities of books, but there is possibility on quantity, loyalty and frequency of orders to qualify for a discount. Luckily, we pride ourselves on providing affordable prices and if you were to compare our books by the foot to one of our competitors you should find that we often come out as the best price per product.

Can you help with choosing the right books for my space?

We have lots of experience in choosing the right books for a space and their prospective owners! Mixing and matching different books by the foot themes is something that we pride ourselves on. We offer a free no obligation library design consultation, if you send us an image of the space/ colour palette and explain the look you are trying achieve, we will send you a selection of images to help you to decide.

Are these genuine antique books?

We stock the antique books for the decorative and leather set price range and these books age as early as 1820 but no later than 1925. The vintage books we stock are from 1925 upwards but usually dating around 1960.

Can I request specific, authors, colors and sizes?

Yes you can, conditional on availability. Please remember the more specifics requested the longer it can take to put your collection together. We can do specific books by the foot on genre, color, and cover with ease.

Do you stock any other kind of books?

If you don’t see something that you are looking for then please ask, as we have a large amount of resources at our disposal and we are keen to help.